Re: #iEXOS-100 #iEXOS-100


1) If you can get a clear shot of Polaris, use an app to see where it's located around the NCP. Then I shine a green laser through the provided "alignment" hole, get Polaris pretty much located where it should be according to the app. Then I actually run a 2 star alignment, and I've gotten pretty crisp 90sec subs. 
2) 30 secs would be VERY reasonable, 1 min, possibly 90 secs.. If, on the other hand you get it REALLY good, then 2-4 mins especially if you're guiding (I am not, yet. Total noob) 
3) No idea. I know my limits, software programming is WAY outside of those limits. 
4) I'd assume so, I haven't tried it. 
5) Again, I'd assume so. To echo others, what target?
6) I know of no discounts. (I got my iExos 100 on (Woodland Hills) and they are still showing some in stock. )

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