Re: #iEXOS-100 #iEXOS-100

Karol Trepala

I'm using 300mm lens with MFT camera. And I think you should take some margin for those times given by people here... I started just a few months ago my AP hobby, with small tracker star adventurer mini, and I could reach 15-20s exposures (however it was overloaded because my lens weight is 2,3kg), I switched to iexplorer counting on much better results, but at the beggining it was exactly the same (even with pollar alignment by dedicated pollar scope, which I bought as an additional accessory, and which I don't recomend), pollar alignment with this mount is a real pain in the ass. After some fight with the mount and pollar alignment by sharpcap, I can reach 30-40s exposures without autoguiding. Maybe beacuse of te smaller sensor than APSC, or because of my particular mount imperfections (I tried to adjust gears, but I can't eliminate completly movement on RA axis), Nevertheless in my opinion realisticly you can count on 30s exposures. If will be better, than good for you... In my case I swithed to autoguided exposures, but also in this case It isn't as good as I would like... 2-3 minutes are max what I could reach due to the backshlash on my the gear. Until now I have got only 1 night with clear sky, to test this autoguiding, so I hope I can improve this result. Nevertheless at your place I would recomend you to buy for the beggining some decent tracker with autoguide camera, play with it and in some time switch to less "budget" mount than iexos. From the other hand if you like to fight with your equipement and learn a lot about it, this may be a good option.

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