Dec axis motor system faulty or newbie error?? #EXOS2

Paul Mogg

Last night, the DEC axis motor system on my new Exos 2 PMC-8 mount seemed to develop a problem and  stopped moving that axis at all. I tested it again this morning and it's the same. The clutches were all tight as I'd been advised, and It makes all the noises it normally makes when manually slewing using the compass rose controls, just doesn't physically move the DEC axis. I removed the cover to the belt drive on the DEC motor and all seems to be moving there correctly, and the belt is not broken or anything.

I'm aware that as a beginner I may be missing something basic here, but the clutches were tight on both axes, which is the only basic error I know of that could cause this.

Anyone got a clue before I call the fire brigade??
Location: southern Spain

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