Re: Dec axis motor system faulty or newbie error?? #EXOS2


I would certainly think you'd be fine opening the inspection door.  Its a simple clip in piece of plastic, no tools necessary.  You'll at least get a quick look inside.   Once you have a visual confirmation on what is slipping, hopefully support can advise you on the proper steps.  My guess is that it will mirror what Robert suggested, but you may want to wait to hear it straight from them.

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On 10/16/2020 12:35 PM, Paul Mogg wrote:
Thank you very much for those notes Robert, and for your reply Tony. I will read your notes and see if I can fix it, whatever it is. My only concern is that if I attempt a repair or open the motor housing that I'll nulify my warranty on the mount. It's only 10 days or so old. 

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