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Paul please persevere with the mount and ExploreStars, it is a very good programme and once you get your head round it you will love it. Like any other programme or software to work to its full potential you must definitely have a good polar align so that the mount knows where you are. I had the same problem as I thought I was polar aligned but the polar scope inside the mount needed collimating itself. I had weeks of nothing working properly until I discovered this. Since it was collimated I have had no probs with slewing to anything, maybe a slight tweak here and there to get things central, I don’t even do any star align.  Although ExploreStars is mostly for observing, once you know you have a good PA the mount tracks superbly, good enough for short exposures. I can now push it to 1min/ 90 sec exp. please check your polar scope, I would put my house on that not being properly calibrated. Cheers, Mick. 

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I can understand your frustration. My first few outings with the mount was challenging. It has a rather steep learning curve compared to my Celestron AVX mount. However, once you figure it out, it is a great mount. It sounds like you are using either a laptop or a Windows tablet to connect to the PMC8 device. I would suggest, if you happen to have one, is using an iPad when getting started. It connects to the PMC8 wifi easily and the databases are updated automatically. I am only just starting to get into auto-guiding which involves moving from my iPad to my laptop and I am running into some challenges again. As with all new things, we have to learn and adapt. ES does seem to target more intermediate to advanced users. Give it some time and I think you'll find that even with it's quirks, it's a good mount.

Good luck and clear skies

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