Re: Non-Messier objects in ExploreStars #EXOS2 #ExploreStars

Paul Meesters

Also the mount is quite capable of being driven by ASCOM, where the world of applications awaits your use.

I tried to control the mount via Stellarium, following the setup guide found on this forum (
However, POTH is freezing up (and Stellarium too), becoming unresponsive. So, I'm forced to keep using ExploreStars.

My report of my mishaps in that thread have remained unanswered :(

But the problem is the PMC8's WIFI. I suspect it is more vulnerable to temperature and moisture than it ought to be

The temperature yesterday was around 5 Celsius (41 F), Haven't checked the dewpoint, but I was out only for 15 minutes or so.
If the PMC-8 can't handle those temperatures, then we have a problem :(


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