Re: Non-Messier objects in ExploreStars #EXOS2 #ExploreStars


Hi Paul

Your IP address is from another subnet, must be something like you have a connection to wifi problem, try ping (autoconfiguration means it failed to get an IP address from DHCP server in this situation your  PMC-Eight).

Last night I noticed that polar-finder reticle is way at of center on my brand new EXOS2 (when you rotate RA axis center cross shouldn't be moving in circles). Most likely because of that it almost missed M31 even after 3-star alignment. Can be the same with yours, just M31 is easy to see even if goto points poorly. I'm going to give a good centering adjustment tomorrow at day time.

p.s. Astrophotography is not sports shooting, you need lots of time and patience :)

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