Re: PHD2 stopped talking to my mount #EXOS2 #OpenGOTO #ASCOM #pmc-eight



Thanks, I will look into that. I was able to calibrate and guide with PHD2 last night, so I think that is good to go. I do have another question, but it may be better suited for the APT or PHD2 forums. I tried to use dithering for the first time last night but it didn't seem to work. I pointed APT to PHD2 and the log showed that had started dithering, but after 15 min it still hadn't resumed imaging. Any ideas?

Thanks again

Mounts: Explore Scientific EXOS II GT, iEXOS-100, Celestron AVX
Scope: Explore Scientific AR102, AR152, FirstLight 152mm Mak-Cassegrain, SpaceCat 51
Guide Scope: Astromania 50mm Guidescope (190mm focal length)
Guide Camera: ZWO ASI120MM Mini Monochrome
Camera: Canon RP (IR modification)
Software: PHD2, ASCOM, and APT

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