Re: polar-finder reticle not centred #polaralignment


Hi Mikka, mine isn’t exactly centred either and if you apply too much pressure it moves slightly as well. Saying that, since I have had mine calibrated it as been very good. I think people think it as been callibrated at the factory but after I checked mine it was miles out. I use an app on my iPhone called PS Allign Pro and use the inverted image. If you can see the other stars in the image then you’ve got much better skies than I have so i have to rotate as close as I can. The calibration made a massive difference, and I get my targets reasonably central in my field of view. I just polar align and go straight to my first target where I may have to toggle LRUD sometimes. I use ExploreStars at the moment and use it for astrophotography with short exposures, usually 30-60 seconds with good results. 

On 18 Oct 2020, at 22:12, Mikas <mikas.sakalauskas@...> wrote:

I'm struggling with polarfinder alignment with the mount itself.

On my new EXOS-2 field and center of the reticle were moving in circles when RA axis rotated. After struggling with centering adjustment I have removed the reticle glass itself. Apparently, the center cross itself is not centered, and not the glass is exactly round. On the instruction manual, it looks perfectly centered. Is it supposed to be like that or I got a bad reticle?


Michael Whitaker
Wakefield, UK. 
MOUNTS. Exos-2 PMC Eight..
SCOPE: RVO Horizon 72ed. 
CAMERA: Not Applicable. 
SOFTWARE: Just iPad at moment. 

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