Re: polar-finder reticle not centred #polaralignment

brian skinner

Hi Mikka, I am using my iEXOS 100 Polefinder without major issues, managing 2minute exposures with no noticeable trailing. I'm intrigued by your illustrated star pattern. Mine clearly shows Ursa Major and Cass. and not the 4 star pattern you are showing.
I have tried several times to collimate the Polefinder but found this almost impossible! What I do now, and this does work, is eyeball Ursa Major and then carefully turn the Polefinder reticule until I judge I have the correct angular alignment between the two. I then place Polaris in the reticule, I then consider I have achieved at least reasonable Polar Alignment. I then power up the mount and proceed to normally a 3 star alignment before slewing to my intended target which usually is well within my DSLR view finder..... Plate Solving will confirm this if you feel the mount is not pointing accurately enough but as I say, in almost all cases, the pointing accuracy is fine.
I also would strongly recommend a red dot finder to you to help when the target is not visible in the view finder.

Hope this helps, Brian
Brian Skinner
Canon 1300d dslr
Various lenses
ES Polar scope
Sequator image stacker
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