Re: polar-finder reticle not centred #polaralignment


Looks like I have to be more specific. I have Skywatcher EQ5 pro. I mastered polar alignment, takes 15 min polar and 3-star alignment with nearly 0 correction data. I even double checked using goto polar alignment utility where you adjust polar alignment after 3-star alignment. Still, I had oblong stars in sequence 2 good 2 bad 30-second exposures. Lenses Sigma 500mm prime APO f4.5 and Nikkor 300mm ED f2.8 prime, camera Nikon Z7. It is not so bad with Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3, but it is a much darker and not so sharp lens. I'm not going to use autoguiding, because I live in Northern Ireland. I never know when will be a few hours of clear sky. By the time everything gets setup with auto-guiding will be no stars anymore.

After exhausting all possibilities for improvement I've upgraded new EQ5 with brand new EXOS-2. Now alignment takes 2 -3 hours with terrible results. And the is no polar alignment utility on the ExploreStars app. Last time it nearly missed the whole M31, still oblong stars, but it is the least of my problems now. I have attached a video Bad Explore Scientific EXOS-2 reticle

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