Re: polar-finder reticle not centred #polaralignment


Hi Mick,
As far as I can see polarscope can be calibrated tho ways:

1. focusing distance, whole reticle unit screws in on polarscope tube to have reticle focused the same time as stars.
2. there are 3 slot head screws to fix the reticle in the adjusted distance and with those screws centering of the reticle can be adjusted a very tiny bit. 

In my video polarscope is calibrated as best as physically possible without replacement of the reticle glass. I have measured, it is off-center by 1mm. Better picture attached.  I think it happened because the glass has rounded edges, but in one place the edge is flat (most likely for better illumination). Most likely in the factory, the glass was fed the wrong way into the printer and the picture got shifted towards that flat area. I think the only way to sort my problem is to replace the reticle.


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