Re: ES G11 / ExploreStars issues

Steve Siedentop

Hi Mark / Jerry -

I had my G-11 set up for the first time this weekend and noticed tracking problems.  I worked through a few things related to my own misunderstandings and got the alignment process to work as expected.

However, once I was aligned and chose the first target, I noticed the target would drift out of the eyepiece in about 30 seconds.  I changed the tracking rate to 53.33 but had a couple of other variables in the mix including a low charge on my battery that may be causing the issue

Questions for Jerry (or anyone else that may be able to answer):

What function do the RA Direction and DEC Direction controls perform?
Also, would a .33 difference in the tracking rate present itself visibly in the eyepiece in a very short period of time, or is it something that would present itself in a long exposure (5 minutes +)?

The debug data section of the screen is attached for review if it's relevant.


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