locked Replacing the tripod for the IEXOS-100 #iEXOS-100 #Off-Topic


I'm thinking about getting the IEXOS-100 as a portable GOTO mount for my 4" refractor. It will be used for visual only as I've got a belt modded HEQ5 for imaging already.

The mount looks like it can take more payload than what is in the specs if I get the fine azimuth adjuster, additional weights and a heavier duty tripod. The AZ Adjuster and the counterweights are available in UK, but the heavier ST2/ST3 tripods are nowhere to be found. Bresser (the reseller of ES in the EU/UK) does sell the Twilight I Alt-AZ mount that includes the ST2 tripod, but the tripod isn't available on its own.

Does anyone know how I'll be able to get my hand on one of these tripods? If not, can I just get the AZ Adjuster and then use the mount with my Skywatcher tripod (the one for EQ5/HEQ5)?

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