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Karol Trepala <kalski44@...>

I tried to edit my previous message and I delete it accidentally, fortunately I copied text before, so I'm placing it again below:

"I live in France and dedicated tripods are also not available (or at least difficult to buy). But what I can recomend you is iOptron tripod. I have got it and I noted that despite the same size and weight as the standard iexos tripod. ioptron is much more stable. Below is short movie where I try to apply the same force on both those tripods. It is not very noticable on the movie, but belive me that iexos mount is bending much more than ioptron. You would have to switch tripod heads, and for that you must cut it a little bit according the line visible on the photo, but it is worth it. Probably it wont be as good as with bigger tripod but for sure much better than with standard one."

@Tyler Bowman
Yes both those tripods looks very similar, and I was surprised to, but ioptron is significantly more stable. it is mainly due to more robust plastic connectors between tripod head and the legs, and bigger diameter of internal segment of the legs.
I don't try to say that this can be an alternative for bigger tripod, but if someone would like to improve slightly tripod capacity keeping low weight of he tripod, and 90 euro is not an issue this can be some solution.

@Jerry Hubbell
Sorry I am not able to put movie somewhere in the cloud, nevertheless it isn't so important to keep it here forever. As a temporary solution I reduced size of that movie.

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