PCM Eight connection still fails over WiFi #EXOS2 #TECHNICAL #ExploreStars #pmc-eight

Paul Meesters

Hi Guys,

I have the PMC-Eight now almost 2 months, and still have to get my first session under the stars.

I still have problems connecting the laptop with explore stars to the PMC-Eight.
It has been discussed (as hijack in another thread), but it still does not work, and I'm getting a bit tired about it.
Someone suggested to use a wired connection in stead of wifi, but I think wifi still SHOULD work. (cable is on order)

Since my windows laptop suffered the DHCP bug, I used the .bat file to assign a static ip-address.
The PMC-Eight is the *only* SSID configured in the laptop to connect automatically. It does not connect automatic, I have to press the connect button for that to happen.

Once connected, ExploreStars (which is installed correctly, with the databases. I have seen it working earlier), remains in the "PLEASE WAIT" status, and won't do anything.

Should I throw the mount in the trash, take the 700 euro as a loss and get another brand of mount, that will work ??

Convince me to keep this dysfunctional mount.

Thanks for listening,

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