Re: PCM Eight connection still fails over WiFi #EXOS2 #TECHNICAL #ExploreStars #pmc-eight

Paul Meesters

you haven't yet downloaded the Explore Stars App database to your computer

Thanks for your answer, but you didn't read the opening post correctly.
The Explorestars application AND it's database are correctly installed on this computer. The database zip has been extracted to my Pictures folder and I have had it working (inside the house) a while ago.
I went outside, setup the mount and telescope, and once outside it stopped working. Couldn't get a connection anymore.
Now, it doesn't work inside either.

Tried everything.
But the main thing is, if it should work again at some point in time, for whatever reason, how reliable of a system is it ? Next time I go out again, it may or may NOT work.. for whatever reason ... I'm rather fed up with it :(


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