Re: Goto issues #iEXOS-100



You are not alone! I have used the bubble level to polar align and a spirit level. They show different results so, something has to be improved on there. I align my polar alignment scope with the pole and can even get to see the north star through the narrow tube yet, when I slew to my first alignment star, it's way off. I adjust, set and move onto alignment star 2, have to adjust again but then when I slew to mt target, it's way off.

Except, 'way off' is too strong'. I looks a long way off but isn't in reality. Every time I attempt this, I get better, and more accurate. It is a scintific instrument and using it has to be learned. My wife who works in a lab told me of a newly graduated scientist who couldn't seethe cells under a microscope. Two days into the job he was despondent and he was convinced that he would never be able to use the microscope properly. Third day into the job and he had success.

There are many many new skills to learn here. Practice makes perfect. I haven't managed it yet but, I get a little bit more accurate every time.

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