locked No stars on DLSR #Off-Topic

Paul Meesters

last night I finally got round to using my Explore Scientific refractor (FCD100 - 10207 - CF) for the first time, mounted on the Exos2.

I have a field-flattener attached, and a T2 adaptor for my Sony A7iii. Whatever I do with the focusing in-or-out, I never get any stars in the display of my camera. 
It's not for using wrong camerasettings. I used a 15 seconds shuttertime at 32000  ISO.. no stars at all (and no, I did not forget the lens cap)

I'm not sure what I need to do to get a picture.. Do I need more extender tubes ? It's already sticking out more then I like, since the T2 adapter and the field flattener are very big...

Any advise is appreciated :)


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