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Ian Morison

Hi Paul,
   I have a very similar setup with Sony a7 ii.   When in focus you should see stars in the live view at 2000 ISO so making it easy to align.  First having tested in the day as suggested go to something bright - I used Mars last night  - and used focus peaking.
All the best.



On Saturday, November 7, 2020, Paul Meesters <p.h.meesters@...> wrote:
last night I finally got round to using my Explore Scientific refractor (FCD100 - 10207 - CF) for the first time, mounted on the Exos2.

I have a field-flattener attached, and a T2 adaptor for my Sony A7iii. Whatever I do with the focusing in-or-out, I never get any stars in the display of my camera. 
It's not for using wrong camerasettings. I used a 15 seconds shuttertime at 32000  ISO.. no stars at all (and no, I did not forget the lens cap)

I'm not sure what I need to do to get a picture.. Do I need more extender tubes ? It's already sticking out more then I like, since the T2 adapter and the field flattener are very big...

Any advise is appreciated :)


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