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Paul, As I mentioned, my Orion .8x FR looks identical to your FF. On my Nikon, I use 2 different T adapters, see attached pics. Both are just attachment adapters. No additional spacing. On the left threads are 42mm (std),,on the right is a “wide” thread 48mm. I use the wide one with the FR. The wider thread helps prevent vignetting. With the wide one I also need one 2 inch extension tube. The 42mm is used with no FR.

Since your T2 adapter has some extension  built in, perhaps a smaller additional extension is required, or a T ring (probably like my wide), with no extension, plus one 2 inch extension. Extension tube kits are available with multiple lengths,  The pic with the camera shows my setup. I would just screw the ext tube on to the telescope.

Hope this helps.  Harry

Vero Beach, FL

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