Re: Sould I worried about this? #EXOS2

Ian Morison

Hi, as a stopgap, could you fill the crack with araldite?
But I have never found a company that treats its users so well!



On Wed, Nov 11, 2020 at 6:12 PM Mark Christensen <mjcw500@...> wrote:
Should you worry about it? A bit, but really the factory that cast it should worry about it more. I have a similar non-structural casing flaw in the interior of the EQ head - I found it only when I opened it up to tune it. Out of warranty and not critical.

But it speaks to poor quality control at the factory, although at the price point of the older EXOS-2s ($460 when I bought mine) it is hard to complain.

For the record (my firm used to make four axis turrets that had to operate in high g and vibration environments), castings are the weakest form of metal work even if there are no flaws. Machining from forged billets is the best but costs a lot more. After that, machining from extruded billets like Losmandy does, then machining from cast billets. Last place in strength is machining of cast shapes (not billets).

The forging and extrusion pressures (and heat) makes the metal stronger, which of course means machining is slow and there is more of it. Weakest are castings. Poor quality control makes it worse, of course.

It all comes down to economics, but things like this cost the companies in both replacement costs and reputation, so I sure ES will do right by you.

Mark Christensen

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