Re: ES G11 / ExploreStars issues

Steve Siedentop

Thanks, David.

Through a good bit of experimenting, I introduced too many variables to be able to determine the cause of the tracking issues.

As Jerry stated, the RA Direction and DEC Direction switches in the preferences pane change the direction of each axis to accommodate the mount pointing south.  I had these turned on, which may very well have been what was causing the drift.

My next outing will include fresh batteries and a standard configuration in the app.


On Mon, Apr 30, 2018 at 1:20 PM, David Pickett yahoo@... [ESPMC-Eight] <ESPMC-Eight@...> wrote:

At 18:29 30-04-18, sdsiedentop@... [ESPMC-Eight] wrote:
>Questions for Jerry (or anyone else that may be able to answer):
>What function do the RA Direction and DEC Direction controls perform?

They are instead of steering the mount by hand;
as long as the clutches are engaged, PMC will
continue to know where the mount is pointed.

>Also, would a .33 difference in the tracking
>rate present itself visibly in the eyepiece in a
>very short period of time, or is it something
>that would present itself in a long exposure (5 minutes +)?

(0.33/53.33) x 100 = 0.62%

Since the stars move 15°/hour, or 1.25° per 5
minutes, even if your mount doesnt move for five
minutes, a star will only have moved 1.25° from
the centre of view. If the field of view of your
scope/eyepiece is greater than 2.5°, the star
will not have reached the edge of the field of
view in 5 minutes! Thus, if your mount is
tracking 0.62% slower than it should be, the star
should still be well in view after longer than 5 minutes.


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