Re: PMC-Eight unit problem #EXOS2

Wes Mcdonald


You have to calm down. Yes this is frustrating for you. There may be something wrong with your individual units.  But that would be the rare exception.  This will all get sorted out one way if the other 

Luiz, your import taxes are your problem alone. Own it.

Now luiz are you connecting through the hub only?  Every ascom application must go to the hub. Only the hub connects to the ascom driver. 

 I have to review where you and Tyler are.


On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 2:40 PM <> wrote:
On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 08:34 PM, Luiz Sanches wrote:,
I am Frustraded like you.... for me is a iExus 100 and I have  problems like you! For me Explore Stars work, but no one program using Ascom works, both wifi TCP or serial (Cartes du Ciel, C2A, APT, Stelarium, etc). Conect, work for secunds and after the green light goes off.

I dont know about You all, but for me is extremely expensive to pay and believe in the company!
I paid 399 for the mount, plus 157 of shipping fee, plus 642 (!!!) of import fee = 1200 dollars! And dont work well....

I am trying to use on kstars, in linux, but using INDI drivers doesnt suport south hemisphere and it send the mount for a oposite direction. I am trying to fix this problem...
Hi Luiz,
Well....Iam not happy that I am not alone.... I am ready to grab the hammer and fix this once and for all.. Wifi can't stay connrcted for more than a few secs. I think i will start to cry over my wasted money...before i grab the hammer..

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