Re: PMC-Eight unit problem #EXOS2

On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 09:33 PM, Tyler Bowman - Explore Scientific Customer Service wrote:
ahhhhh. do you have a FTDI chipset to usb that is whats recommended to control the mount by serial by computer and to down load the new firmwares.
Tyler, I do not want to diminished the effort and the work of no one, but as a customer who already paid what it was ask him to pay for a product that supposed to work, out of the box, I am furious with ES! First, it was the crack in the cast! I said..ok forget about it. Now this..! It is not my fault! I know that! I feel like a lab rat how tries to find the bugs of a poorly designed project. And I pay for it!
Sorry, norhing personal, nor prejudice towoards ES, but this is how I feel now!

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