Re: ES G11 / ExploreStars issues

David Pickett

At 16:47 01-05-18, Steve Siedentop [ESPMC-Eight] wrote:

As Jerry stated, the RA Direction and DEC
Direction switches in the preferences pane
change the direction of each axis to accommodate
the mount pointing south. I had these turned
on, which may very well have been what was causing the drift.
Unless you are doing photography, or are using a
large magnification, it should be fairly easy to
keep objects in the field of view even if the motors stop running.

My next outing will include fresh batteries and
a standard configuration in the app.
Fresh batteries sound like an expensive long term
proposition. I am using a YUASA NP7-12 7.0 Ah
rechargable lead acid battery. I am also making
up a 12-19 volt convertor to keep my laptop
running from the same source. Time will tell
whether this has enough capacity for the job. Watch this space... :)



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