Re: PMC-Eight unit problem #EXOS2

Luiz Sanches

On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 04:51 PM, Wes Mcdonald wrote:
Luiz, your import taxes are your problem alone. Own it.
Now luiz are you connecting through the hub only?  Every ascom application must go to the hub. Only the hub connects to the ascom driver. 
Thank you Wes.
I know that is my problem, I said this to vent how much is difulcult for me and I have a long time for finaly decide to buy the mount.... Was something 2-3 months of my salary.... :-(

Wes, it connect sometimes through Device Hub or POTH and sometimes no... For example, today I couldn't once. But, If connects and after I go and configure other program like APT, never connects Only connect via APT if I chose the ES_PMC driver directly.

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