G-11 worm issues


To make a long story short even with a perfect (literally a 0.0" on my guide log) PA I couldn't get my RMS under .9" on my new G11.  Peak to peak PE was >30".  Most nights RMS was about 1.1", still better than my old EXOS-2 but no where near what I was seeing from other G11 owners.

After reading Jeremy's detailed discussion about his mount and the large PE he was experiencing, I decided to look at mine.  What I found was a coupler that was binding and unloading as it rotated.  This was, as I discovered, due to the motor shaft and worm being offset from each other. 

After lengthy discussion with Jerry and Alex from ES, they will be milling me a new motor mount that is slotted to adjust it, which should fix things, but if you are having similar issues, I advise you look at the motor/worm alignment..

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