Re: Malicious Download Detected Error

Steve Lang


I've checked this main URL with VirusTotal, it compares it with a number of commercial antivirus engines etc (~80 or so), and it checks out OK. The actual download site ( has one hit against it (from Dr.Web). This is most likely because of some other content that has been hosted on at some stage. I can't find any details as to why Dr.Web is thinking this...

Do you use Dr.Web for antivirus?

Some time ago, I had one of my home network security thingies complain about the main explorescientific site, but that was either a false positive, or rectified quickly.

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On 20/11/20 5:01 am, Paul via wrote:

On two different Windows 10 PCs, running both EDGE and Chrome,  when I try to download anything from the, like the latest firmware, or the utility or config manager, I get an "Malicious Download Detected" error and the download aborts.  Anyone else seeing this?


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