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Kent Marts- Explore Scientific Customer Service

Thought I'd drop a message here regarding the Explore Alliance. As a PMC-Eight Users Forum member everyone here is automatically an Explore Alliance Legacy member. Paid Explore Alliance members ($30 level or $100 level) are given special deals on Explore Scientific products.

You'll be seeing an email soon -- if not already -- announcing a two-week sale. Our red-light flashlight for $10 -- that's 50% off, and the lithium-ion power bank designed specifically for the PMC-Eight system, for $90. Regular price is $129.99, and the sale price has been $99.99. These deals end Dec. 3, 2020.

Additionally, the sale price on the new hybrid finder scope base ($29.99, $10 off), the 5-in-1 Weather Sensor Professional Weather station ($129.99, $40 off) and the atomic clock ($15.99, regularly $24.99) technically ends today, but if you order this weekend I'll give you the deal. 

To get in on these deals, email explorealliance at explorescientific.com.

If you're not a paid Explore Alliance member, you can join at https://explorescientificusa.com/products/explore-alliance-membership

The cool thing is, after you join, we send a gift card back in the amount you paid. There are other benefits to membership that are outline on the website.

Kent Marts
Customer Service Manager
Explore Scientific

Gear: Anything in the store!

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