Re: Can the Mount Saddle on the IEXOS-100 be Replaced #ExploreScientific


Hi Aaron,

Yes it can, I have the ADM Dual D-V saddle on mine. I have a CG4 tripod. You will have to install a coupling nut on the front knob in order for it to clear the dec. housing as the telescope tracks. It's a game changer...worth every dime of the $203.00 CDN I paid for it. Now I can properly balance the scope, it also give me some place to hang the PoleMaster.


Mounts:   iEXOS 100
Scopes:    Evostar 72-Ed - StarField 50mm Guide Scope
Cameras:  Nikon D7000 - Altair GP Cam2

Jeff    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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