Re: Astrophotography Done with the iEXOS-100, EXOS 2, and G11 Post your Pictures and Details! Lets Show What These Mounts Can Do. #iEXOS-100 #G11 #EXOS2 #astrophotography


Hi Andy,

I am also Trying to Capture the Orion Nebula right now. I am Really impressed by your Image!
Do you use Any filters? mine looks way more redish...

I try to Attach my picture here.
Any advise is Welcome

Greetings Manuel

Scope:       Newton 203/800
:     ES EXOS2-PMC-8
Cameras:  Canon 6D,
Misc:         No guiding so far...
Software:  Astropixelprocessor

Am 21.11.2020 um 18:13 schrieb Andreas Volz via

Somehow I don't find how to post something in here so i just reply. :-)

So here is my approach on the Orion Nebula. Finally shot with my new Skywatcher Newtonian and an unmodified Canon 7D Mk II.
30x 120s and 40x 15s.

Clear skies!


Skywatcher Explorer 150/750 PDS
:     ES EXOS2-PMC-8
Cameras:  Canon 6D, Canon 7D Mk II
Misc:         ZWO ASI120Mini Guide Camera, ZWO 30mm mini guidescope
Software:  Pixinsight, Photoshop

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