Re: Explore Stars Android App in mobiles phones: Samsung S10 #Android


I find it awkward with a tablet but am making slow progress. Every time I go out, I make a step forward. I have along the way tried using Cartes du Ciel using a laptop and serial cable link, again it's a learning curve. More stuff to learn. But, I was out tonight with a tablet and still making progress. I'm at the point now where I amĀ  about to see if I can get tracking to work. No doubt the first photos will show trails and it will be back to improving on all the previous steps required. I am sure my progress is hindered by lack of knowledge and lack of practice. But, I agree, trying to use a tablet to move the scope to the right point isn't easy. I think I might try using a serial cable and a games controller. It sits better in the hand and you can look at the scope whilst you use it.10" tablets are like handling a bar of soap.

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