Re: Help needed with Losmandy G11 Pmc8 System. #G11

Sunil Bhaskar Bhaskaran


                 Thank you for your response. The Mount has been stored in a pelican 1650 case along with the Pmc8. The case has not been exposed to rain but humidity is a different story.  Most of my Apo's : Stellarvue 80 and ES 127mm FCD100 have developed fungus on the triplet lens.( Even though they themselves were kept in custom made cases). Weather has not been very cooperative over here for the last 6 months so never had the opportunity to fully test it. Yesterday when I finally did manage to boot it up, well you know the res :(. The mount was working perfectly fine before but that weird ticking sound was noticed first before the squealing noise became apparent. The only thing I have noticed is that during balancing both RA and Dec axis seems to be stiffer than usual : something I noticed 8 months ago but the mount worked fine then.The only adjustment I did was to tighten the Azimuth Locking knob as I felt it was too loose. The wavy washer is also installed so that can be discounted as the issue. These are the things I have observed overall : 
1) RA and Dec axis stiffness.
2)Azimuth "Adjustment" knobs seems to have a weird slipping issue : they seem to be very loose while adjusting(even with a 5 inch APO), especially during drift alignment proceedures.
3) Go to accuracy has always been questionable : This error might be more user related than mount but the mount almost always parks in the wrong position : the bubbles on the RA and Dec are not be centered. I use a workaround to avoid this issue.
4) The tick sound heard in the video occurs when most often when I am doing drift alignment procedure. Once I start imaging(SGP) , its gone.
5)  A lot of subs have been discarded by SGP because the the Dec corrections exceeded the specified limit in SGP( 20 px). 3 out of 5 frames are failing and SGP restarts the procedure.
6) THis is the first time I heard the squealing noise. THis was noticed only during "Parking" of the mount, no other time. WHen I park the mount from the meridian, this sound occurs. Rest of the time its perfectly fine.
7) Final point : the ticking sound seems to be coming from the RA motor where as the squealing seems to be coming from the saddle area.

Please let me know if you need any other info from my side.  

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