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Paul Mogg

Hi AnonAstron, I was wondering if you could please post the exact setup steps you take to get Kstars to work with the INDIGO Server app. I am a beginner to all this. I have the INDIGO Server App up and running, controlling my EXOS-2 PMC-Eight mount over wifi, and it works with Stellarium, but I can't figure it out on Kstars so far.

Right now I'm using the AstroDSLR app from to take pictures using my Nikon D3200 DSLR to my MacBook Air, AstroDSLR seems to to load its' own Nikon INDI ( or Indigo, I'm confused sorry ) driver, but in the INDIGO Server App I don't see any Nikon DSLR driver listed as available, do you know how you would load it into INDIGO Server and where you would find it to do so?

I was hoping that Kstars /  Ekos would allow me to do everything within one package on the Mac, run my mount, let me capture from the Nikon to my hard drive, and also run guiding ( I just got a used Orion Starshoot autoguide camera and scope ) ..instead of using Explorestars under Parallels / Windows, PHD2 for guiding, and AstroDSLR for capture, but so far no luck. Any and all snippets of advice gratefully received. Thank you! Paul.
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