Re: iexos-100 beginner comments (Mac user) #iEXOS-100 #FIRMWARE #iPadOS

Paul Mogg

Ok so I've been able to save a profile using the default name only, and load it into the EKOS screen, and on that screen I have got the Nikon DSLR to connect. However ( screenshot attached ) there doesn't seem to be an option to connect to the EXOS-2 via WIFI, only Serial or Ethernet. Is the serial cable my only option? 

AnonAstron had posted that he was able to connect via WIFI in Kstars via the INDIGO Server App, which I can also do with Stellarium, but not with Kstars.

Anone know how to setup Kstars to communicate with the INDIGO Server App as he described?

Thank you.
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