Re: iexos-100 beginner comments (Mac user) #iEXOS-100 #FIRMWARE #iPadOS

Mirko Gude

Hi Paul,

good news!

I used VirtualBox and Win10 to change the cable settings.

Best regards, 

Am 01.12.2020 um 15:24 schrieb Paul Mogg <pdmogg@...>:

Wow that worked!! I am very grateful to you Mirko, thank you!

Kstars is now slewing to to the selected object.

That option seemed so completely counter intuitive to me that I didn't even bother trying it.

I did buy a Serial to USB cable and followed the instructions to try and reprogram it, but the utility program(s) didn't even seem to acknowledge it existed, under Parallels / Windows 10 that is.

Thanks again,


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