Newb issues after firmware, ExploreStars Data Base update #iEXOS-100 #Android

Joe Izen

It's been a while since I last used my iExos-100.  I just flashed the firmware using the latest 1A01C_10B_5.eeprom
It went just as described in the youtube video, including the success msg.

Then I pulled my microSD card from my FireOS tablet, and using my WIndows10 PC, I updated the ExploreStars database.  Everything appears nominal.

Reinserted, the microSD card in my tablet, hooked up to the PMC-8 network which shows a strong signal, and relaunched ExploreStars.  The GPS coordinates are entered and I see them in System Settings. App reports a Scope IP of

The DB appears healthy because the app shows pictures of Messier objects.

I've changed the mount type to something wrong, then back to iExos-100, exited, and restarted.

My mount is powered. I see lights, and hear whirring. It just doesn't move when I try to do an alignment sequence, GoTo, or a manual move with arrows.  What am I missing?

While doing the firmware update, I poked around settings in the Configuration Manager. Could I have screwed up a comm setting?  



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