Re: Newb issues after firmware, ExploreStars Data Base update #iEXOS-100 #Android


Joe, are your clutches tight? The fact that you hear motors whirring is a clue. If you left the clutches loose, the RA and DEC shafts could spin without moving the mount. But if the clutches are tight, you hear motor rotation, and you still see no mount motion, there’s got to be a disconnect somewhere in the drive train. Check belts. With the EXOS2 I can see motor rotation through the little gap in the motor housing; Maybe the IExos-100 allows that, too. If so, you could check that the motors are really turning and not just whining a little.  


Chuck Lewis


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Sent: Sunday, December 6, 2020 3:57 PM
Subject: [ESPMC-Eight] Newb issues after firmware, ExploreStars Data Base update #iEXOS-100 #Android


It's been a while since I last used my iExos-100.  I just flashed the firmware using the latest 1A01C_10B_5.eeprom
It went just as described in the youtube video, including the success msg.

Then I pulled my microSD card from my FireOS tablet, and using my WIndows10 PC, I updated the ExploreStars database.  Everything appears nominal.

Reinserted, the microSD card in my tablet, hooked up to the PMC-8 network which shows a strong signal, and relaunched ExploreStars.  The GPS coordinates are entered and I see them in System Settings. App reports a Scope IP of

The DB appears healthy because the app shows pictures of Messier objects.

I've changed the mount type to something wrong, then back to iExos-100, exited, and restarted.

My mount is powered. I see lights, and hear whirring. It just doesn't move when I try to do an alignment sequence, GoTo, or a manual move with arrows.  What am I missing?

While doing the firmware update, I poked around settings in the Configuration Manager. Could I have screwed up a comm setting?  



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