Re: Newb issues after firmware, ExploreStars Data Base update #iEXOS-100 #Android

Joe Izen


7       EVT:503-Checking COM3.
EVT:505-Propeller chip version 1 found on COM3.
EVT:506-Loading RAM
EVT:507-Verifying RAM
EVT:508-Programming EEPROM
EVT:509-Verifying EEPROM

6       Path to EEPROM: "C:\Users\joe\OneDrive\Documents\PMC8Firmware\1A01C_10B_5.eeprom"
5       Path to Propellent.exe:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Explore Scientific Utilities\PMC-8 Configuration Manager 1.0.3\Propellent.exe "
4       Attempting to upload ROM: 1A01C_10B_5.eeprom
3       Firmware sucessfully unzipped
2       Unzipping firmware file.
1       Firmware files successfully downloaded to C:\Users\joe\OneDrive\Documents\PMC8Firmware\
0       Downloading firmware

How do I verify mount is in UDP mode? Even though my Fire tablet says it is connected, CM reports the mount as NOT CONNECTED with Current Connection NONE.  This is through the USB cable.

In Connection Tab, 
The find Current Connection button reports
10       The mount does not appear to be connected. Please check your settings and network connection.

I see a communication Method under the Advanced tab with a UDP button. Should I connect my PC to the PMC-8 ad hoc network and push that button? Windows 10 often has problems connecting to ad hoc networks.  Thanks.

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Subject: Re: [ESPMC-Eight] Newb issues after firmware, ExploreStars Data Base update #iEXOS-100 #Android

I presume you are using the Fire Tablet and Explorestars.  Is the mount position correctly displayed on the main screen?  It sounds like the tablet is not connected to the mount.

The Configuration manager settings are not really important to the mount, except for one thing.  You must leave the mount in UDP mode for EXplorestars.  If you changed it to TCP EXplorestars will not work.  Try connecting via the CM and ensure the mount is in UDP.



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