Re: iExos 100 Reset to Factory Defaults #iEXOS-100

Matt Hallett

Think I had exactly the same issue when I recently got my iExos-100.

You have to be able to plug the mount into a PC/Mac, run the config program and then switch the "Connection" option back to UDP. Then it will (should) get picked up by the ExploreStars app straight away. 

You *might* be able to still do that if you can connect wirelessly to the mount's local wi-fi from a laptop. If the config program can see your mount over wi-fi then you might still be able switch it back to UDP.

However, if you can't plug the mini-USB in then I think you're stuck until the new part arrives.


Mount: iexos-100 with PMC-8
Scopes: Startravel 102
Camera:  Nikon D7500
Software: Deep Sky Stacker, Siril, Photoshop

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