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Doug Doonan

I see you have solved the puzzle of ASCOM6.5 which I have been struggling with for the last couple of weeks.
I have been able to control my EXOS2 mount with the ASCOM6.5 just once!
Since then I get to the very end of the setup and I get an error message "The Ascom driver reports an error: Access to the Port "Com3 is denied" ". I have obviously connected to Com3 in various places during the setup procedure. I don't have anything going on in  the background which might disrupt the Com3. I have looked in the ipconfig in the computer, and every thing is OK. So I am stuck until I get a jolt from somewhere.
Would it be too much of a problem for you to send me  the steps starting at Ascom  Device Hub and getting into your astronomy program. I use CDC. I have no problem with getting through PMC8 Configuration Manager.
I presume you are going from Config Mngr to Ascom Device Mngr to CDC(or equivalent).
Your host platform is one that I was using on monitoring my three seismometers until it gave up the ghost. The wifi stopped working and it would not update. My host platform is a different kind from Amaxon, but the same size and W10 Pro.
Thanks for listening to my tale of woe.

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Approximately, 4 months after my first successful ASCOM/serial connection to the EXOS2GT, I’ve finally got my rig setup to the point where I want it, for remote imaging.
Unfortunately, now the skies are no longer clear...  Ready for Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

I would encourage all to not give up - wonderful and rewarding learning experience.

Mount: EXOS2-GT with Orion Extension pier, Orion SkyView EQ
Scope: ES AR152, ESED80-FCD100, Orion 8” Newt
Guide system: Starfield 50mm, Altair GPCAM2 130M
Imaging: Canon 6D, T3i, QHY5III462C
Software: PMC 8 Manager, POTH Hub, CdC, PHD2, Sharpcap, All Sky Plate Solver, ExploreStars iOS(rarely used), Win Remote Desktop
Host platform: Mini PC ‘Minis Forum’ Windows 10 Pro, Intel Celeron based system with 4GB Ram, 64GB internal storage, 128GB microSD, 128 GB SSD via USB

Location: Sierra Foothills, CA


Doug Doonan
HomeBru  6 inch Reflector  f 6.6
HomeBru  85 mm Refractor  f 5.6
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