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Doug Doonan

Thank you very much for your feedback. I have been in contact with Rick B in the ASCOM forum and he pointed out the mistake which was frustrating me.  I followed his suggestion and I am now in control of the mount.
Your comment about a mistake you were making in CDC is exactly what I was doing and fixing that as you did solved my problem also.
I will be copying your write up for my records as it is very good.
I am using Device hub in the new version of Ascom so I am not using POTH hub. I think if you wanted to get away from POTH you might just put the device hub in.
Thank you very much for your information

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Here are some notes and thoughts.

Window 10 Pro 64bit
CdC - 64bit - 4.2.1
ASCOM 32bit 6.4.1
Sharpcap 3.2 32bit (Intel Celeron does not support the full instruction set that the 64bit version requires).
PHD2 32bit 2.6.9
Note, I am using ASCOM 6.4.1.
My startup sequence is pretty standard:
1. PMC8 CM:
Select mount type - EXOS22
Find COM
Select/highlight port
Find current connection - Do It
Via ASCOM (Serial) Do It
2. Startup POTH Hub 
Assuming you have done the setup for your mount 'Choose Scope' -  
- you should have selected ES_PMC8 Telescope from the dropdown list
- click on "'Properties' button - this brings up the driver interface:
- ensure that "Enable Serial Port '' radio button is selected - this could be part of your issue... 
3. Once above is setup just 'Connect Scope' from POTH
Also, a mistake that I was making in CdC, Stellarium and SharpCap, All Sky Plate Solver,  when setting up the telescope, was to select "ES_PMC8 Telescope" directly rather than  "POTH Hub". Once I figured this out all of the software worked pretty much flawlessly with each other. If you select the telescope directly whichever app connects first to the scope, will hold onto it until you explicitly disconnect from that app. Going through POTH Hub now makes sense as it directs traffic between the apps and each of the ASCOM devices. It could be that one of the apps has grabbed the serial port via a direct connection to the mount.
Hope this helps.  Good luck.

Scope setup notes.png
Mount: EXOS2-GT with Orion Extension pier, Orion SkyView EQ
Scope: ES AR152, ESED80-FCD100, Orion 8” Newt
Guide system: Starfield 50mm, Altair GPCAM2 130M
Imaging: Canon 6D, T3i, QHY5III462C
Software: PMC 8 Manager, POTH Hub, CdC, PHD2, Sharpcap, All Sky Plate Solver, ExploreStars iOS(rarely used), Win Remote Desktop
Host platform: Mini PC ‘Minis Forum’ Windows 10 Pro, Intel Celeron based system with 4GB Ram, 64GB internal storage, 128GB microSD, 128 GB SSD via USB
Location: Sierra Foothills, CA


Doug Doonan
HomeBru  6 inch Reflector  f 6.6
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