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Doug Doonan

Hi Peter,
Yes,, I found another replacement. It is probably an exact same mini computer with a different name on :). It is doing its job now for a couple of months 24/7 and is updating  as it should, which shuts the system down :(  So I loose some hours of data which is a bugaboo. But detectable earthquakes at my house don't come through every minute so if I loose some time, that translates into loosing few  quakes.
I started this project back in 2016 and I have detected just over 1000 (0ne thousand) since then which averages out to be 250 quakes a year. These quake are usually above 3.5 on the Richter scale. Some fun for an old guy.
I am putting one of these computer on my mount in  order to run everything and communicating with it via  tightVNC. Then the rig is out in the cold or mosquitoes and I am indoors sleeping with no tangle of wires back and forth. :)
Now that I have the thing running I can spend more time getting my home made 85mm f6.5 refractor going. That's another story.
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You’re welcome Doug. Glad you got it sorted out. Also, I can email you my write up with a screen print of the relevant touch points, highlighted. I tried attaching the image to my post but there seems be a size limitation on the attachments. Let me know.
Also, interesting comment about your mini PC. I’m a bit wary of the unit and it’s robustness, but at the price point it is worth experimenting with. Did you find a replacement for your seismometer monitoring setup ?
Cheers, Peter
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Doug Doonan
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