Frustration with planetary imaging


Hey guys and gals,

I typically focus on DS imaging, but with the conjunction coming up, I have been trying to get my rig configured for planetary imaging. I even picked up a ZWO ASI120MM-S Monochrome w/ filter wheel combo. For this config I am using...

Explore Scientific EXOS II GT
FirstLight 152mm Mak-Cassegrain
ZWO ASI120MM-S Monochrome (main imagining camera)
Astromania 50mm Guidescope (190mm focal length)
ZWO ASI120MM Mini Monochrome (for guiding)

Win 10
PMC-Eight Configuration Manager Version 1.0.3 (for serial connection)
SharpCap 3.2
Planetary Imager

I finally had a chance to get out and make sure that I can get focus with the with just the ASI120MM-S and filter wheel. I used Vega to get focus and to help align my guide scope as I don't typically use it with my MC152. The problem I keep running into is when I try to use the ASI120MM-S for imaging and the ASI120MM-Mini for guiding. I have both plugged into USB3.0 hub which is then directly connected to my laptop via USB-C. I have made sure that the apps using the ASI120MM-S are set to 40% bandwidth. The ASI120MM-Mini is a USB2.0 camera so bandwidth shouldn't be an issue. I have made sure all the latest drivers and patches have been applied. I have tried connecting to the cameras using the ZWO driver and also using the ZWO ASCOM driver and eventually something hangs and I have to reset everything and start from scratch. As you know, Jupiter and Saturn are bith very low in the sky now and so I have about 1 - 1.5 hours to image from teh time they become visible to when they "set" from my perspective. I have primarily tried using FireCapture and SharpCap as they seem to have the mosty tutorials but am getting frustrated and really need some help.

Thank you

Mounts: Explore Scientific EXOS II GT, iEXOS-100, Celestron AVX
Scope: Explore Scientific AR102, AR152, FirstLight 152mm Mak-Cassegrain, William Optics SpaceCat 51, Sky-Watcher Evostar ED APO 72mm
Guide Scope: Astromania 50mm Guidescope (190mm focal length), SVBONY SV165 Mini Guide Scope 30mm (120mm focal length)
Guide Camera: ZWO ASI120MM Mini Monochrome
Camera: Canon RP (IR modification), ZWO ASI120MM-S Monochrome
Filters: Optolong CLS-CCD, Baader Planetarium UHC-S Nebula Filter, and Orion SkyGlow Astrophotography Filter
Laptop: Dell XPS 13
Software: Windows 10 Home (20H2), PHD2, ASCOM, and APT

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