Re: #iEXOS-100 Mount connection issues!!!! #iEXOS-100

Wes Mcdonald


It’s fine to reflash the firmware.  Probably not corrupted but it’s possible I guess.

Ascom serial is the recommended way to run the thing.  You can flash independent of the communication mode, just connect things and use the configuration manager to load the firmware from the internet and tell it to program the unit.    Once loaded you will want then use the configuration manager to set the communication mode to serial.

You will need to configure the ascom driver to use the serial comms.   

Remember that only poth hub connected to the driver.  All other applications are told to connect to the poth hub.

But if you are now working in administrator mode there is nothing wrong with your pmc8.  Windows is just a mess.  I am sure there have been some posts that recommend administrator mode.   I have no idea what mode my laptop is in but it works fine with the mount.  So has my bootcamped Mac mini.   

Also I believe you said the iPad connected and worked fine.  This indicates your firmware is not the problem 

One final thing.   I had a heck of a time getting my pc to connect to my iexos, even though the iexos connected well to the iPad and to an android device.  But this is not what many report and was some kind of an anomaly.  Presently it seems to connect and operate well in WiFi.  

You just have to love windows.   


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