Control the mount with a Joystick or Cellphone #iEXOS-100 #app

Luiz Sanches

I want to control the mount iExus 100 with a controler, that can be a Joystick or Cellphone.
I dont want to use the Explore Stars on Cellphone, because I want to Slew to a target with other aplication using TCP or Serial on computer, and after that make a fine ajustments with the joystick or the cellphone. With the computer, I can make the fine ajustments, but I want to make this ajustments with a cellphone or Joystick when I am looking on the finder. Do you know other aplication on Cellphone? 

I saw that I can use joystick with Kstars, but I am not using Indi drivers (windows is working better). Or I can use EQMod, but I dont know how to connect the mount in the EQMod. I caught Tutorial learning how to connect, but the Ascom driver of the mount don't appear. Look the images of the configuration of EQMod:

Thank you for the help!

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