Re: Control the mount with a Joystick or Cellphone #iEXOS-100 #app


It is possible to connect to the iexos-100 with serial cable and ascom and use the ascom device hub and then configure cartes du ciel to work with the ascom device hub. I am told that if ascom is on a laptop, most games controllers and some joysticks can be used rather than using the device hub control in ascom. I am expecting delivery of one and will be happy to report if it works. It does seem to be more comfortable if you can look through the scope whilst holding a controlling device and with keys, one doesn't have to take one's eyes away from the finderscope for fine adjustment.

Otherise, I have used explorstars and a 10" tablet but, whilst initially thinking this was awkward, I started to use a high pedestal table immediately next to the mount on which I could place the tablet. It has to be high enough for you not to have stoop to see it and close enough for you not to have to walk away from the mount. I think a games controller will be better, but if not, a high pedestal table is very comfortable.

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