Re: Control the mount with a Joystick or Cellphone #iEXOS-100 #app

Wes Mcdonald


Eqmod won’t work.

If you are running ascom on a pc you can control the mount with your cell phone using sky safari pro.  If you search the forum for my posts on sky safari you can find how.  Also I gave a video presentation on the open goto web cast on week 10-20 or somewhere around there.

You load WiFiScope which is an app you can google, onto your PC.  Load SkySafari Pro on your phone.  The instructions for WiFiScope tell you how to connect everything.  What happens is the phone connected to your home wifi.  The PC connects to your home wifi.  The PC is connected to the PMC8 via serial/ascom.  Skysafari is set up to send data to wifiscope over the home internet.  Wifiscope catches commands sent from Skysafari and forwards them to the ascom hub.  The trick is to set SkySafari to the Meade Classic as a scope.  It sends Meade commands to wifiscope which translates them into Ascom calls to poth.

This all works great.  Skysafari can then be used as a hand controller.  It has Up, down, left, right buttons.  It also has a planetarium and goto buttons.  it has a scope position display, and it can overlay your camera field of view.

It's great.

Now if you are in the field you need to have a wifi network router to make this work.  I use an old wifi router I had laying around.  It puts up a little network to which all my stuff joins.  Whole thing runs on battery.  No sweat.


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