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Dear reader, 

I apologize in advance for the big explanation however, I am just trying to provide every detail so someone is able to help. 

Ever since I got the iExos 100 I have not been able to use it to its full potential. At first I experienced alignment issues, then I had to deal with Explore Stars software for windows crashing every couple minutes. 

I thought the only way to fix this issue would be by having a serial wired connection. I got a mini usb to serial cable and plugged it into my laptop. I followed ESAN002_rev02.pdf ( guide to switch the network from wifi to serial, however Putty would not find the IP address even though I was wirelessly connected to the mount. Then I thought that the issue might have occured because the mount does not have the most updated firmware, so I went on PMC8 Configuration manager. The mount showed as connected however, it also requires a serial connection to update, so I went under advanced clicked on serial.

This is when things got even trickier. Clearly, the mount had received the command, since I heard the motor sound change however, the configuration manager could not detect the mount. I went under connection made sure it was set to iExos100 and clicked "find". However, the mount was not found. I went back into advanced and tried switching back to wireless (udp) to no avail. Then I thought maybe it would now show up on putty, so I tried connecting with TELNET and putty was unable to communicate with the mount. BTW, the mount is wireless connected via wifi and connected via serial cable aswell throuout all fo this. Finally, I decide to check under ascom diagnostic tools and what I see there is an option to switch to serial connection. I click that. Try to connect via Ascom and nothing hapens. So, i go back to Ascom and switch it back to wireless. Again I try to connect and while I was not able to connect, the diagnostic tool did show this info:
           <Default>                 ES_PMC8 Telescope
                    COM Port                  <Empty>
                    COM Speed                 115200
                    DEC Park Position         0
                    DEC Sidereal Rate Fraction 0.4
                    IP Address      
                    IP Port                   54372
                    Minimum Pulse Time        100
                    Mount Rate                Sidereal
                    Mount Type                Explore Scientific iEXOS-100
                    RA Park Position          0
                    RA Sidereal Rate Fraction 0.4
                    Rate Offset arc-sec/sec   0
                    RefractionApplied         False
                    Site Ambient Temperature  59
                    Site Elevation meters     403
                    Site Latitude            erased
                    Site Location             Explore Scientific HQ
                    Site Longitude           erased

                    Telescope Aperture Area   0.00292
                    Telescope Aperture Diameter 0.061
                    Telescope Focal Length    0.36
                    Total DEC Counts          4147200
                    Total RA Counts           4147200
                    Trace Level               False
                    WIFI Module ID            ESP-WROOM-02
                    Wireless Enabled          True
                    Wireless Protocol         TCP
I manually erased the location for obvious reasons. Anyway, since it showed that the wireless protocol is TCP, I went back into configuration manager and switched to TCP instead of UDP for wireless connection. I tried to connect, find etc.. No results. I have tried restarting my PC, the mount, I did install the Parallax Serial Interface (but it does not show the port).My PC does detect the cable but does not recognize it. The mount is still showing up in the wifi section and I can still connect but I cant actually use the mount. 

After all this frustration I have decided to make my first post on this platform. Hopefully one of the engineers from the company can help. I really don't want this mount to become a $700 piece of metal. 

I am even willing to give remote access to my laptop to a verified engineer/technician from the company if all else fails. 

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